Why The Buffalo Bills Are The NFL’s Only Real New York Team

Why The Buffalo Bills Are The NFL’s Only Real New York Team

?Football, and the National Football League in particular, is one of the most popular sporting competitions in the United States. There is no doubt of it’s popularity as it is loved on both coasts, in the middle, and in large and small cities.

New York is one of the most populated states in America, but a tragedy happened there years ago and has yet to be corrected. Florida is home to three NFL teams, the Miami Dolphins, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Bay Area in Northern California is home to two teams, the Oakland Raiders and the San Francisco 49ers. There is even a third California team down south, the San Youth Anquan Boldin Purple Jersey Diego Chargers. There are even states in the interior of the country that have two teams, like the St. Louis Rams and Kansas City Chiefs of Missouri and the Cleveland Browns and Cincinnati Bengals of Ohio. When people think New York and the NFL, they think of three teams. That is a lie though.

The city of New York has historically been represented by two teams, the New York Giants and the New York Jets. As most football fans know though, they both call Youth Jimmy Smith White Jersey the neighboring state of New Jersey home. That leaves the Buffalo Bills as the one and only true New York team in the NFL. How is it possible that New York, Youth #92 Haloti Ngata Game Purple Jersey the state, can’t match the amount of teams that Florida, California, Missouri, and Ohio can? To put it in perspective, New York is home to just as many NFL teams as Wisconsin is. No disrespect to Wisconsin as they have some of the best fans and the Green Bay Packers have been very successful over the years, but something about that is just not right.

Isn’t it just as wrong to call the Giants and Jets by the name of New York? We don’t call the Bears the Indiana Bears. We don’t call the Cardinals the New Mexico Cardinals. The Seahawks aren’t the Idaho Seahawks. Why then should New Jersey’s pro football teams get to claim New York as their home?


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